Medication Errors and Pharmacy Negligence

Prescription Medication Errors in the United States cause on average 1 death every day and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually. A sub category of this is Pharmacy errors in which the pharmacist either gives you the wrong medication entirely or gives you the wrong dosage amounts. According to the FDA Pharmacy errors have jumped from almost 17,000 errors in 2010 to almost 94,000 by 2016 a 462% increase. If you feel you are the victim of pharmacy negligence, please contact us at the Versace Law Firm – your consultation is always free.

These errors generally happen from plain negligence, an increased number of prescriptions being filled on a daily basis, and the increase in the number of Americans taking prescription drugs on a daily basis. The problem with errors of this nature is the consequences can be severe, leading to permanent injuries and even death in some situations. This was the case for Khaliah Shaw of Georgia, whose story can be found here.

Although pharmacy’s do what they can to eliminate these errors as much as possible they will continue to occur as humans make mistakes. I have personally handled medication error cases in the past and it is my opinion that if you have questions or concerns you should always ask your pharmacist, and always know what you were prescribed before picking it up.

If you have been the victim of a prescription error contact me today at 903-288-3492.

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