Divorce, child support, visitation rights and other areas of Family Law are as important to you as they are to the Lawyers at Versace Law Firm. We treat each family with the utmost respect, and will always fight for you and your families rights.

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Divorce, Custody, and Family Law

Family Law often involves sensitive issues, like divorce, visitation rights, child custody, child support and relocation issues. If you are going through, or even considering a divorce, I can help.

Because family law issues often have heavy impacts on parents and children, I work closely with my clients to ensure they are prepared for life after divorce, and understand the financial and legal consequences involved for them and their children.

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After the divorce is filed, how long does it take to finalize?

It takes a minimum of 60 days after the petition is filed before a divorce can be final in the state of Texas. This will occur when the judge pronounces the divorce in open court, as well as signs the decree. If there is a disagreement between the two parties, it could take as long as 6 months to one year to finalize the divorce. More complicated issues could lead to a length of time greater than one year.

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